Illiquidity & Time

While equity crowdsourcing brought startup investments to the public,the biggest limitation of VC funds is their illiquidity . Until now investing in a VC fund means lock your assets for 5- 7 years. 

Diversification & Blockchain

Taikotech wants with his expertise and involvement to attract more clients investing in the portfolio approach and avoiding the risk of investing into a single start up or ICO (Scam), and deeply follow up the investment spending in the startup tech initiatives.

Our Mission

To disrupt the usual way Venture Capital is raised and managed by providing a liquid tokenised fund or still use the Classical FIAT fund.


Our fund is composed of Professional Investors and Entrepreneurs ,advisors and limited partners who are on the front lines in this fast moving sector of Fintech.

Pre-series in High Tech

Our foundation is mainly in projects  Blockchain , Payment , Cyber Security IOT enabled technology whom integrated Cryptocurrency as a payment gateway. 

Risk Profile Analysis " a la Carte "

Portfolio diversification  by a risk management strategy combining a variety of different high tech companies to reduce the overall risk of an single investment portfolio.

Who are we?

Consulting Experts

We ensure a deep analysis and due diligence of the start up tech selected in our portfolio 

Our wide range of start up coming from different worlds ( Crypto, Gaming, Gambling, IoT, Cyber Security ...)reduce the risk of non diversification . Our involvement doesn't stop once you have started to invest , we will ensure that the budget accrued will be spending to the growth plan agreed or inform you about the new priorities & challenge to go the next level.

The Team

Taiko Tech is made of visionary entrepreneurs , cryptographic technology , legal , sales VP in cyber securities listed companies with active connection to international centres of blockchain.

Location & tax

Based in the Crypto Valley in the Swiss Canton of Zug, the world leading hub for ICO's. Regulatory clarity & high volume ICO's lead to unique competence  ( Tezos, Bancor, Ethereum,..) 

Contact Us

Taiko Investments SL ,Sales Office , Carrer de Bona Vista 14 , 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia -Ibiza


Head Office : Leimatt A, 6317 Zug, Switzerland